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Project designed with Modern Human

I started to work with Modern Human on their branding when I was in San Francisco in August 2014, they needed help with their identity because their small business was growing exponentially. I kept working with them when I was back in London in Autumn: we were all working from home and we would meet only for clients meetings in London and Cambridge. Working from home made me curious in the beginning because I always worked for agencies or in-house teams, after few weeks of trials and errors I started to get used to it and I immediately had the chance to participate to a couple of great projects.

The project I enjoyed the most is a piece of service design for the Cambridge University Library. The University asked Modern Human to redesign their services for the 108 libraries located around Cambridge. The task seemed challenging enough, especially because the libraries had different user types, functions and locations. We started with and in field research, where Modern Human interviewed students and academic to understand how they used the libraries and their services. Even though I wasn’t actively interviewing people on the field I had the opportunity to follow the research, defining what the problems were.

Diary studies, walk in interviews and dept interviews were set up to discover more about 162 students. Participatory shadowing, Human Centred Design Process and contextual interviews were used to research more about academics and their needs.

The main finding of the research led to understand that researchers, academics and students felt a strong lack of integration between the physical and digital services, which led to confused and fragmented experiences.

Modern Human together with the University of Cambridge started to outline the future of the Library services with a focus on integration between physical and digital services, with the objective to source the infinite resources that the libraries have, and to foster the lively Cambridge scholarly community. 

For this project I was mainly responsible for the Creative Direction and Design, it was just great to participate to the Research phase, even if I wasn’t responsible directly. It was a great opportunity to leverage my design skills for service design and my architectural skills to re imagine how to shape the services in the libraries as well.
The first conceptual phase was handed over in December 2014, after that I left Modern Human to join Intel.

Modern Human created the FutureLib Blog, which contains all the stages of this project which I was part of, and what has been done in 2015.



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