Four Seasons Hotels 
Strategy. UX Design. Research.


The Four Seasons has seen his revenue drastically decreased in the last few years, due to competition from third parties websites which allow customers to access and book to the Four Seasons accommodations online. 

The Luxury Hotels managing company has responded to this challenge opening their offerings to a broader customer segment of sophisticated vacationers, and facilitating the online access to the Four Season booking process.

Research shown that people find the current booking experience confusing: each Four Season location has an independent mobile app to book rooms and most accommodations require a direct phone call to be booked. The current booking experience is not connecting with the final user mental model: most of the people seem confident in using hotel site aggregators such as Kayak or

The Fours Season reconsidered its overall digital strategy, including the creation of a one stop mobile app that facilitates the booking experience for the users and allows them to quickly find locations and book a holiday while guaranteeing a consistent brand experience.

The initial concept phase was based on a two weeks timeline, which started with an audit of existing Four Seasons single location apps and websites, competitive and heuristic analysis, contextual inquiry and field study, followed by an online user survey which helped to identify the main users pain points while going through the booking process.

The sketching and ideation phase shaped scenarios and flows, to then focus on paper prototypes, initial testing phase and two digital prototypes iterations based on user feedback.