Thomson Reuters
Creative Direction. Strategy.


After more than 10 years of creative agency experience I joined Thomson Reuters UX & Design Team in 2010.

First as an Art Director, and then as a Creative Director I have worked with different stakeholders to understand business needs and generate, conceptualise and develop ideas with the objective to create the new generation of Thomson Reuters digital products.

The work provided me with an opportunity to deepen my knowledge about responsive design and create systems that successfully deal with complex data visualisations in high density dynamic layouts.

The opportunity to work with Thomson Reuters allowed me to tackle all aspects of design. In addition to managing and directing product, together with my immediate team I was responsible for developing and managing our group’s brand.

We have strategised and created our group’s voice and personality, assuring consistency and quality in all internal and external communications.

We were ‘gatekeepers’ of our team’s experience through print, film, moving image, digital and interior design.

Thomson Reuters gave me the opportunity to expand my professional skills into strategic design thinking and creative direction, areas which I continue to hone.